Ep. 32 – What does CAR-T mean for PTs? – Lauren Miller, PT, DPT

CAR-T cell therapy is a buzz phrase I’ve heard thrown around my house (by my sister & mom, both oncology nurses) for quite some time but didn’t really know a whole lot about. I definitely didn’t understand why I should care about it as an outpatient oncoPT until Lauren Miller’s presentation at CSM 2019. Now I know it’s big deal – Lauren Miller, PT, DPT is here to tell you why you should care too.

4:13 Basic overview of CAR-T cell therapy & who gets it

7:03 Important side effects of CAR-T

11:14 Lauren’s research into mortality & function among CAR-T cell therapy

14:12 “We need to optimize these patients as much as possible.”

17:00 Lauren’s suggestions on helping these patients

18:25 Advice for new & aspiring oncology physical therapists

“Tie it back into their goals.”

A good mantra for all of our practices.

“Lauren Miller, PT, DPT is a physical therapist at the University of Chicago Medical Center.  She received her Doctor in Physical Therapy Degree at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.  She has been practicing for 7 years in acute care, primarily with surgical and medical oncology patients, including the critically ill, as well as patients undergoing stem cell transplant, CAR-T cell infusions, and those enrolled in clinical trials.  She is a certified clinical instructor, and has been able to share her growing passion for this population with multiple students as well as acute care residents and critical care fellow physical therapists. She has been involved in data collection and intervention for multiple research studies, and is a member of The Academy of Acute Care and Oncology sections of the APTA.  She is currently serving as an item writer for the Oncology Specialty Exam.” 

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