TheOncoPT Podcast

Ep. 179 – What to do about Cancer-Related Fatigue

Cancer-related fatigue is one of the most common symptoms after a cancer diagnosis. Patients experience reduced ability to carry out daily activities and often experience loss of motivation. As soon as patients are diagnosed with cancer, we should be screening patients for side effects, including cancer-related fatigue. We must then continue monitoring for symptoms throughout … Continue reading Ep. 179 – What to do about Cancer-Related Fatigue

Ep. 177 – Start Your ABPTS Oncology Application on the Right Foot

While PTs get worked up about the oncology specialist exam, they actually tend to forget the biggest hurdle to taking the exam: submitting their application. In this workshop replay, I covered the basics of the ABPTS application & took students through several exercises that helped them identify the best patient for them to write a case report on.