Ep. 26 – 5 Ways to Promote OncoRehab in Your Community (& behind the scenes of my radio interview!)

So nervous, but soooooo much more excited!

Hey, when are you going to be interviewed on your local radio show?

I’m serious – it was so much darn fun, & I got to talk all about oncology rehab! Plus, it was a fabulous opportunity to educate future patients, caregivers, & referring providers about my favorite thing in the world. So again, when are you going to do it?!

Here are my 3 takeaways from my interview:

  • Know that you do have something to bring to the table.  You have valuable information that is beneficial to patients.  Even if you’re not a “cancer expert” yet, you can still educate patients.
  • It’s okay not to know everything – I sure didn’t. But I was upfront about it & told them I would find the information for Ed & T.J. And guess what: the station didn’t burn down. Everything was fine.  
  • Be yourself.  As always, but here’s your reminder. It makes it way easier to connect with your people.

To listen to part 1 of my interview, click here.

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Now if you’ve made it all the way through these three tips, & you’re thinking, “Elise, I’m already there, but how do I go out & do the thing?”, I’ve got some suggestions for you!  

  1. Who else are you/should you be educating about oncology rehab? This includes your family & friends, non-onco colleagues, patient family members/caregivers, referring providers, local personal trainers, other healthcare providers, etc.  Again, as we covered in Episode 22, inservices can be a great way of educating a variety of people.
  2. By now, most businesses are online in some capacity.  Start here. Even if it’s just a FB page, you can write short informational posts to share, working your way up to small blog posts & beyond.  
  3. Showing up in community forums/facebook pages again can be a great way of educating people beyond the reach of face-to-face communication. Make sure you follow the rules/guidelines of each forum/page! 
  4. Reach out to local advocacy organizations about offering your knowledge for patients – it doesn’t hurt to put your name out & offer a way to better serve our patients. Maybe you could do an inservice here too!  
  5. Keep your eyes open for opportunities – they may not present exactly how you picture promoting oncology rehab, getting our profession’s name out there, but it might be the key to opening a great door.   

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