Ep. 25 – Breaking Down Barriers Radio Show Part 2

“Life doesn’t stop after a diagnosis.”

Part 2 of my interview with Ed & T.J. from Breaking Down Barriers Radio Show is here for today’s episode. We discussed more about what cancer rehabilitation can do for patients, how to learn more about cancer rehabilitation for both patients & providers, & even SEX! That’s right, Elise discussed sexual dysfunction on live radio – hardly groundbreaking in general, but it was a fantastic opportunity to discuss some less commonly discussed issues that patients may face during & after cancer treatment.

Talking with Ed & T.J. was tons of fun – definitely an experience I’ll pursue again, given the chance. There’s definitely some stuff I learned about being interviewed, rather than doing the interviewing, that I value more moving forward. Heck, it was great thinking on my feet with some of the curveball questions Ed & T.J. threw my way. Thank you so much Ed & T.J. for having me on the Breaking Down Barriers Radio Show, & I look forward to speaking with y’all again in the future!

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