Ep. 22 – Inservices: Are they for your practice?

Are you frustrated…

– by the lack of patients or referrals who actually make it in your door?

– by the lack of pt awareness about oncology rehab?

– by the lack of provider awareness about oncology rehab?

Then it might be time for an inservice!

Inservices are a great way to educate a group of people on a variety of topics. They can range from highly-structured, formal, hours-long event to a brief, casual, come-&-go session.

I did my first inservice last month to coincide with lymphedema awareness month. Overall, it went well, but there were definitely some things I learned to make my next one better.

For example: only one patient came. Yup. But guess what – it was still a fantastic inservice! Listen in today to learn more about if it’s time for you to do an inservice & what you can do to plan a successful one.

Want more?

Download my helpful handout on 6 Must-Haves When Planning Your Inservice that has 3 bonus tips, plus topic suggestions for your next inservice!

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