Ep. 186 – Stop Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

Sometimes we encounter really uncomfortable conversation topics in oncology physical therapy: pee, poop, sex, stomas, death… 

Maybe we’re uncomfortable with these topics… Maybe our patients are uncomfortable with these topics…

It may be tempting to avoid these difficult conversations, but that’s actually the worst thing we can do as OncoPTs.

When we avoid the difficult conversations, we unintentionally create an environment in which we don’t talk about stuff. We don’t talk about the difficult stuff. And so many patients don’t have the difficult conversations or ask their burning questions, even when they really need the information.

So what are we supposed to do instead?  Lean into the difficult topics.  Have the uncomfortable conversations.  Open the door for openness & honesty with your patients.

Because if you’re not having these conversations with your patients, they’re probably not happening at all.

In her words, Dr. Liz O’Riordan is a breast surgeon who got breast cancer – & it changed her whole approach to patient care, including actually having the hard, difficult, uncomfortable conversations with her patients.  

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In this episode, we talk all about the stuff that used to make us cringe, & more importantly, how patient care gets better when we open the door for challenging topics.

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