Ep. 185 – Secrets of Running an OncoPT Practice

One of the biggest questions we encounter when pursuing our dream career is HOW

How do I get patients to know about me & what I do? 

How do I get practitioners to refer their patients to me? 

How am I going to make this work?  

While a lot of us get tripped up on the hows, this episode is a great example of someone who turned the hows into now.  

Rosy Bojorquez is a physiotherapist who took her passion for oncology physical therapy & created a booming movement for local cancer survivors. 

In this episode, Rosy shares how she started her private practice, how patients find her these days, & how she morphed from student to teacher & implementer in just a few short months.

One of my favorite things about our interview is the back & forth we do as practice owners – we’re always looking for ways to improve our patient care & business, & this is a perfect example of how collaboration & camar

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