Ep. 17 – Advocacy & The Academy – Steve Wechsler, PT, DPT, NCS

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe we’re almost half-way through March 2019?

Today’s special guest is Steve Wechsler, PT, DPT, NCS, & current secretary of the Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy.

Dr. Steve Wechsler is a Physical Therapist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s outpatient Sillerman Center for Rehabilitation. Dr. Wechsler began his career in New York City, working on an inpatient acute rehabilitation unit with patients following CVA, TBI, and SCI. Motivated by his passion for neurologic rehabilitation, Dr. Wechsler became board-certified in neurologic physical therapy in 2016.

Since joining the outpatient rehabilitation team at Memorial Sloan Kettering in 2014, Dr. Wechsler has become increasingly involved with the Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy, APTA, serving as the Academy’s Social Media Chair and, beginning in 2018, as the Academy’s Secretary. In recognition of his efforts and participation in the APTA, Dr. Wechsler was awarded a 2017 APTA Emerging Leader Award. At APTA CSM in January 2019, he received the President’s Award for his efforts within the Academy.

Dr. Wechsler received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2012. He has lectured locally and nationally on the topic of oncologic rehabilitation.

4:06 OncoPT: at the crossroads of all sections

6:15 The Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy

8:53 “Do you know how to make tweets?” – taking on opportunities

13:17 Up & coming for the Academy

17:19 5 Year Vision

21:47 The Academy member benefits

29:15 Steve’s advice for new & aspiring OncoPTs

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