Ep. 16 – 4 Tools to Make Your Evals Easier (Hint: I’ve made some of them for you – FREE!)

Let’s face it – there’s not enough time in the day anyways, without adding extra documentation required for evaluations thrown in there.  Luckily, I (& many others) have struggled through my evaluations & created/found tools that have decreased wasted time in initial evaluations, thus radically increasing the quality time I spend with my patients bonding & educating.  Here are 4 FREE tools to make your evals easier – & you can find mine premade just for you at http://www.theoncopt.com/resources

2:19 Tool #1 – Templates

9:22 Tool #2 – Lymphedema measurement sheets

12:24 Tool #3 – Education sheets

14:44 Tool #4 – Premade HEPs

20:00 Save more time – use my tools!

Check out my FREE tools here:

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