Ep. 164 – CSM Preview: Oncology Research – a year in review

Episode graphic: Ep. 165: CSM Preivew: Oncology research a year in review with special guests Dr. Cynthia Barbe, PT, Dr. Lauren Miller, PT, and Dr. Stephen Morris, PT.  TheOncoPT Podcast.  Headshot of Dr. Cynthia Barbe, PT, Dr. Lauren Miller, PT, and Dr. Stephen Morris, PT.  Background image of brown-haired woman with white mug in hands, sitting behind silver microphone.

Lauren Miller, Cynthia Barbie and Steve Morris, join The OncoPT podcast today to provide a rundown of what happened last year in cancer rehab oncology research. They are going to walk us through what happened in the oncology cancer rehab research in 2021. We discussed both the exciting and disappointing findings with our guests. But more importantly, what those results mean for us and the future of cancer rehab and our patients.

Despite some disappointing results, it allows for more research and improved reporting education to be found. Poor documentation in the subject was the reason for the majority of disappointing findings or lack of findings for a specific topic. There is an opportunity to improve the process, which will result in better, more comprehensive care for our patients. 

The average person does not have time to read 100 articles or to analyze the differences. That’s why they’re bringing the 2021 Year in Review to the 2022 CSM conference. Combined sections are better than separate sections because they keep the content interesting and concentrate on what’s important moving forward. This year, they wanted to consolidate the top issues from the year and highlight those that could be applied across the continuum: from home care, subacute rehabilitation, acute care in and of itself, and then across diagnosis, treatment after, and then across survivorship itself.

About Dr. Cynthia Barbe, PT

Cynthia Barbe, PT, DPT, MS is a Physical Therapist for the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group as well as the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Cynthia graduated from West Chester University with a Masters of Exercise Science in Exercise Physiology and then went on to achieve her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Delaware. She has since received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University. Cynthia primarily practices in the acute care setting specializing in the adult medical and surgical oncologic population, where her clinical expertise and passion is working with patients who are surviving cancer- varying in complexity from critical illness to functional deficits due to recurrence and/or secondary cancers as well as side effects of the treatment of the cancers across the continuum of care. Cynthia has authored a publication in the Rehabilitation Oncology Journal as well as co-authored a paper published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. Cynthia is an item writer for the Oncology Specialization exam as well as an editor of articles for Rehabilitation Oncology Journal. She has also presented at Combined Sections Meeting each year since 2012. Cynthia has assisted with the process of developing an adult Outpatient Cancer Rehabilitation program at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is a member of The Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy, The Academy of Acute Care, and The Academy of Home Health sections of the APTA.

About Dr. Lauren Miller, PT

Lauren Miller is a senior physical therapist and program director of the developing acute care residency at the University of Chicago Medical Center. She received her Doctor in Physical Therapy Degree at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois and is board certified in oncologic physical therapy. She has been practicing for 10 years in acute care, primarily with surgical and medical oncology patients, including the critically ill, as well as patients undergoing stem cell transplant, CAR-T cell infusions, and those enrolled in clinical trials. She is a certified clinical instructor, and has been able to share her growing passion for this population with multiple students as well as acute care resident and critical care fellow physical therapists. She has been involved in data collection and intervention for multiple research studies, and is currently collecting functional outcome measures on patients receiving CAR-T cell infusions as part of an IRB approved trial. She is a member of The Academy of Acute Care and Oncology sections of the APTA. She has been a guest on the OncoPT Podcast on multiple occasions. She is currently serving as an item writer for the Oncology Specialty Exam.

About Dr. Stephen Morris, PT

Dr. Stephen Morris earned a Ph. D. in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at Austin, completed an NIH post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at UC Irvine and then somewhat later earned a degree in physical therapy (PT) from Texas Woman’s University. Since earning his PT license he has taught in 3 academic physical therapy programs, served both as a clinician and researcher in the Dept. of Rehabilitation Services of UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and as the director of Rehabilitation Services at St. Jude Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. He has published over 45 refereed journal articles and has spoken locally, nationally and internationally on exercise in the oncology setting. He recently completed two terms as the President of American Physical Therapy’s (APTA) Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy and as the APTA’s liaison to the Multidisciplinary Roundtable on Exercise and Cancer Prevention and Control. This Roundtable was organized by the American College of Sports Medicine and endorsed specific exercise prescription for the management of adverse effects of cancer and its treatment. He was recently named a recipient of a Lucy Blair award from the APTA and is currently a Distinguished Professor in the Physical Therapy Dept. at Wingate University, serves on the editorial board of Rehabilitation Oncology and is the liaison between the Academy and the APTA.

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