Ep. 165 – APTA CSM 2022: Know Before You Go

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CSM 2022 is quickly approaching and whether you will attend in person or not, there are some very important things to consider before you begin your CSM experience.

This is one of my favorite conferences every year. It’s like a second Christmas to me. 

Last year, I was disappointed and overwhelmed at the virtual conference and was unable to complete it. I would like to share some information you should know before attending this year’s conference. As a first step, ensure that you are prepared to attend either the virtual event or in person. Below I have listed the requirements. 

This is a semi-hybrid conference. There are many interesting sessions, and I want to ensure that you are well prepared. The in-person event will take place in San Antonio, Texas starting February 2nd. Approximately one third of the sessions will be recorded and made available from March 1st to March 31st. Below is a list of sessions that I recommend that you view. Some of these resources come from the Oncology Academy, but you might also want to check out others.

Check out the area if you will be attending the in-person event. San Antonio is beautiful at this time of the year. Please say hello, wave, air-high-five, and bump elbows with me if you see me. I look forward to seeing you at CSM this year. 


Last chance to sign up at CSM: https://www.apta.org/csm/registration

Submit proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test: https://clear.app.link/APTA

I’ve picked out some of the conference sessions I’m most excited for, as well as platform presentations, plus SIG meetings.

Thursday, February 3:

  • 8-10 am – Oncology Knowledgy: Education in Physical Therapy for All Persons Affected by Cancer – https://TheOncoPT.com/ep162
  • 8-10 am – Oncology Research Update: A Year in Review – https://TheOncoPT.com/ep164
  • 10-11am – APTA Oncology Student & New Professional Subcommittee
  • 11am-12pm – APTA Oncology Specialization & Residency Information Session
  • 11am-1pm – Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema Education: When, What, How, & Why According to the Evidence
  • 11am-1pm – Say Cheese! Helping Patients with Head & Neck Cancer Smile: An Acute Care Perspective
  • 1-2pm – APTA Oncology Lymphatic Disease SIG Meeting
  • 1-2pm – APTA Oncology HIV SIG Meeting
  • 3-5pm – Creating a Plan to Implement Evidence Based Practice in Your Clinic
  • 3-5pm – Infectious Diseases & Immunology: Exercise & Lifestyle Medicine in Long-Term HIV & Post-COVID syndrome

Friday, February 4:

  • 8-10am – Oncology Curriculum in Entry-Level DPT Programs – Where are We & Where Can We Go?
  • 8-10am – A Protocol for Patients with Selective Neck Dissection & Radiation: Addressing Long-Term & Late Effects
  • 8-10am – Clearing the Fog: Navigating Cognitive Decline After Treatment for COVID-19: Immune-Based Disorders & Cancer
  • 11am-1pm – Oncology Platform Session 1
  • 1-2pm – Hospice & Palliative Care SIG Meeting
  • 1-2pm – Balance & Falls SIG Meeting
  • 3-5pm – Trauma Informed Care Principles for Oncology Specialists
  • 3-5pm – Oncology Platform Presentations: Case Report Spotlight
  • 6:30-8pm – Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy Business Meeting
  • 8-11pm – Celebration of Life Reception

Saturday, February 5:

  • 8-10am – Disparities in Cancer Rehabilitation – Amping up the Research
  • 10-11am – Pediatric Oncology SIG Meeting
  • 3-5pm – What is the Buzz All About? Marijuana Pharmacology for the Rehabilitation Specialist

If you need some guidance planning your conference experience, make sure to listen to Ep. 147 of TheOncoPT Podcast called 5 Steps to Make Your Next Conference the Best.

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