Ep. 151 – Why we left our corporate jobs

Are you seeing red flags show up as your work for your employer? It might be time to look at what you are doing and make a decision to change your situation. When you are suffering, lacking joy, and feeling that your patients are not getting the best care because of the practices your employer wants you to follow, this stress and unhappiness will follow you in all areas of your life

It may be time to make the leap, lean into fear and see what life has in store for you. Myself and Dr. Adrian Cantu left our corporate careers during the pandemic, and we have never been happier with the changes. We are both living our passions, working with patients in a way that brings us joy, and getting to put our values first in our practices.

In this episode we talk about the red flags that came up, when we realized enough was enough, and how we were able to make the change. Taking that brave step of leaving allowed us to create practices we are proud of and enjoy going to everyday. This is possible for you too!

If you are on the fence or just not happy with your current role, this episode is for you!

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Adrian’s practice: ACE Physio & Performance


Elise’s practice: Fort Worth Cancer Care


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