Ep. 145 – How philanthropy CAN work in oncology PT – Ryan Shelton

Ep. 145: How philanthropy CAN work in oncology PT with special guest Ryan Shelton.  TheOncoPT Podcast.  Headshot of Ryan Shelton on blue background.  Background image of brown-haired woman with white mug in hands, sitting behind silver microphone.

Access to care is one of the central tenets of high-quality cancer rehabilitation. What good is a residency, board certification, etc. if people can’t actually get your care?

Answer: It’s not. It’s worthless.

We’ve talked previously on the podcast about meeting patients where they’re at, improving accessibility, but today’s guest is taking a unique approach that you need to hear.

Dr. Ryan Shelton, PT of PhilanthroPT has curated a healing environment that is truly accessible for patients: not just 7am-7pm hours, accepting a couple Medicaid contracts…truly accessible.

And more importantly, he’s sharing how it’s working & how PhilanthroPT is continuing to provide amazing care even through a lot of ongoing challenges.

Listen to my interview with Ryan Shelton now!

Ryan’s Bio

Ryan Shelton is the owner of PhilanthroPT, LLC a physical therapy company built on improving access to physical therapy services.  Ryan started his career in the corporate outpatient physical therapy world and before leaving to start his own company was coordinating a large new grad mentoring program, orthopedic residency, and spine fellowship program.  He now enjoys focusing on his local community to help improve accessibility to folks who have been denied care because of finances or insurance limitations.  When not working on improving his community’s health, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children and playing music.
Special areas to discuss: population health, increasing access to physical therapy services, probono services, and how to incorporate philanthropy into your business metrics.

Twitter: @RyanSheltonPT

Facebook: PhilanthroPT

Email: ryan@philanthroPT.com

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