Ep. 141 – How this mom turned a rare diagnosis into an international foundation – Brittany Williams

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For every 1,000-10,000 people living with lymphedema in the United States, there is one lymphedema therapist. Read that again.

It’s even worse for children with lymphedema. And I’ll be the first to say: I’m part of that problem.

Prior to Camp Watchme, I was terrified of treating children. My only oncology & lymphedema experience was with adults! How could I possibly treat children?

Well my tune has changed significantly. In fact, pretty much every therapist who went to Camp Watchme is now singing a different tune.

And it’s largely due in part to today’s podcast guest: Brittany Williams.

Brittany Williams is the founder of Brylan’s Feat Foundation, which began as a way to help families deal with the same struggles Brittany faced as a parent of a child with lymphedema.

You definitely want to check out our interview right away!

What we covered in today’s episode

  • What Brylan’s Feat Foundation is & does
  • How Camp Watchme has become my favorite continuing education experience TO DATE!
  • Why OncoPTs should care about pediatric lymphedema & what we MUST know

Please contribute to Brylan’s Feat Foundation’s Light the Night fundraiser!

Every little bit helps children & families all over the world. To donate, click here.

Brittany’s Bio

Brittany is a mother of four, wife, and the woman behind Brylan’s Feat Foundation, the first and only nonprofit in the world specific to pediatric lymphedema. The organization is also the host of Camp Watchme, a unique summer camp for children with lymphedema and their parents.

Brittany’s relationship with lymphedema began when her daughter, Brylan, was diagnosed with primary lymphedema in 2014. Since that time, Brittany’s goal has been to advocate and be the voice for her daughter and all children suffering from lymphedema. She joined the Lymphedema Advocacy Group in 2016 and has shared her story in Washington, D.C. to support the Lymphedema Treatment Act.

Brittany’s passion is to make a positive impact on the lymphedema community and provide assistance in receiving treatment to children in need all over the world.

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