Ep. 13 – Owning an OncoPT Clinic – Angela Wicker-Ramos, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

Practicing as an OncoPT is really cool. Next level of cool: owning your own multidisciplinary oncology rehabilitation clinic. Dr. Angela Wicker-Ramos is this episode’s special guest, here to discuss all things about her journey from #FreshPT to seasoned oncology physical therapist & cashPT clinic owner.

3:05 Angela’s jump into OncoPT

8:47Tumors boards as a private practice PT

10:45 Starting her own practice

16:10 The business end of a private oncology rehab clinic

28:22 What’s up & coming for Cancer Rehab Austin & oncoPT

Here’s Cancer Rehab Austin’s social media & contact info:

Website: http://www.cancerrehabaustin.com/

Twitter: @CancerRehabAustin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cancer-Rehab-and-Integrative-Medicine-310912958970528/

Instagram: @cancerrehabaustin

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