Ep. 03 – One physical therapist’s journey with cancer – Carol Kottenstette, PT, DPT

Welcome to Episode 3!  For this episode, I interviewed one of my role models & godmother, Carol Kottenstette, PT, DPT who started her journey with cancer back in 2009.  It was truly eye-opening for me to hear for the first time about her full experience & to hear wisdom from this amazing lady!   

3:40 Carol’s Journey through Cancer

14:05 Reconstruction with Dr. Marga

17:54 How Carol manages her lymphedema

19:15 PT Carol treats herself

22:18 How experiencing cancer shaped Carol’s PT practice

24:22 Being an advocate

27:56 Words of wisdom from my PT Godmother

Thanks so much for listening, & check back for the next episode next Wednesday!

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