Ep. 118 – 5 Lessons Learned from APTA-CSM 2021

APTA-CSM 2021 looked a bit different this year. With a lot of hard work, the conference brought together the same & new brilliant minds who are helping advance our profession. But I think there’s definitely some take-aways from this year on how to make it better for next year.

  1. Virtual option needs to stay.
  2. I love the ability to attend meetings & sections I wouldn’t normally be able to, due to schedule conflicts.
  3. With that said, the replay needs to be available for longer than just one month.
  4. The month marathon was overwhelming, especially since this is right before many PT specialty exams. I am a vegetable after a day of work.
  5. I found it hard to keep up with what was cancelled, sometimes showing up for events that were cancelled.

My suggested format: 3 day, with virtual options, recordings available for 1 year after CSM.

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