Ep. 117 – How to Survive Your Board Certification Exam

You’ve been studying for MONTHS – now it’s finally time to take your exam. You know the content for the exam, but what’s your plan for surviving it? In today’s episode, we’re covering what you need to survive your PT board certification exam.

Days leading up to the exam

  1. Print out your test ticket & save a virtual copy to your device.
  2. Practice driving to the test site
  3. Stop studying
  4. Pack all your stuff the night before: snacks, water, ticket, glasses.
  5. Plan your outfit – layers are nice.
  6. Don’t eat anything crazy the night before.
  7. Rest.

Day of the exam

  1. Don’t forget your test ticket.
  2. Grab your stuff & get it into the car.
  3. Get there plenty early.
  4. Take breaks.
  5. Celebrate!

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