Prepare to be an Expert OncoPT with these Strategies

Preparing for oncology specialty certification is one of the best ways to become an expert OncoPT.

However, most physical therapists get derailed before they even register for their exam.  So they stop preparing.

And this means patients don’t get your expert-level care.  So they don’t get better.

We think this is just plain wrong.  

Here’s 3 POWERFUL strategies to prepare smarter, not harder:

Do set a schedule.

Set your schedule.  Decide how many hours you want to devote to preparation, & schedule these time blocks on a calendar.

Know your start time, know your end time, & stick to them.

This goes whether you study by yourself or with a group.

Do prioritize your weaknesses ****

Using the Description of Specialty Practice (DSP) from ABPTS, identify these areas:

  • Your strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • Your middle ground (not so strong, not so weak)
Do apply your knowledge.

This is the biggest tripper of them all.  Most PTs will cram knowledge into their brain for 6 weeks, then approach the exam like our licensure exam.

Big mistake.

This exam is all about application.  How do you take your knowledge & use it in a real-life patient scenario?

No pumping & dumping here.  Use your knowledge!

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Until next time, this is Elise with TheOncoPT.  And remember you are exactly the physical therapist that your patients with cancer need. So let’s get to work.

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