It’s possible to be a confident, competent OncoPT: here’s how


As we announced last week, we launched our brand new Cancer Basics 2-Day Intensive Course!  

Because we can’t contain our excitement, I invited Dr. Kelly Sturm back on the podcast to talk about some of our favorite parts of this course & why we know you’ll looooooove it too!

What makes this course different from most weekend CEU courses?

First off, we’re doing our course on Friday & Saturday.  And we did this very intentionally: our least favorite thing about weekend courses is working 2 weeks straight.  

With no weekend to enjoy, we don’t get the needed rest so we can fully show up for our patients Monday morning.

So we said no way! to Saturday-Sunday courses.

Beyond that, our Cancer Basics 2-Day Intensive Course is filled to the brim with info you actually need to treat patients with cancer.

We are diving into actual interventions to implement with your patients, PLUS a slew of real-life patient cases where we’ll work together on how to apply your knowledge to actual patients (& eventually your own patients).  

The benefits of community when learning how to treat oncology patients

We both MacGyver’d our cancer rehab knowledge into practice during our early career.

When I first started treating, I went to continuing education courses until I was blue in the face.  However, since I was alone in the clinic (literally no other rehab staff at the cancer center), I had nobody to turn to for advice or suggestions on actually implementing what I learned into practice.

For Kelly, the most impactful way to really understand & implement her knowledge was through collaboration.  She notes that sharing patients with other practitioners really helped her to understand why certain things work with patients & how to make her practice better.

That’s why the continuing community (especially after the course is done) is so important for those newer to OncoPT.  We need an environment where we can ask questions, brainstorm through patient cases, & learn in a non-judgy, super supportive place.  That’s why our students will have access to the community even after the course is done.  

The learning doesn’t stop when the course is done – if we really want to learn & implement, we need our community!

Register now for the Cancer Basics 2-Day Intensive Course!

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