How To Create a Killer Inservice

Are you frustrated…

– by the lack of patients or referrals who actually make it in your door?

– by the lack of pt awareness about oncology rehab?

– by the lack of provider awareness about oncology rehab?

Then it might be time for an inservice!

What is an inservice?

An inservice is a method of communicating with your community.  They are presentations on a specific topic.

Inservices are a great way to educate a group of people on a variety of topics. They can range from highly-structured, formal, hours-long event to a brief, casual, come-&-go session.

Why an inservice?

I did my first inservice to coincide with lymphedema awareness month. Overall, it went well, but there were definitely some things I learned to make my next one better.

For example: only one patient came. Yup. But guess what – it was still a fantastic inservice! Listen in today to learn more about if it’s time for you to do an inservice & what you can do to plan a successful one.  

Juxtapose with cold calling.

10 step checklist?
  1. Determine when you want to deliver your inservice.
  2. Pick your topic.
  3. Figure out your audience.  
  4. Determine your delivery method.
  5. Promote your inservice.
  6. Create the presentation. 
    1. Keep it short & sweet – what are the most essential things the person should know walking out of your inservice? 
    2. Save time for questions, lots of time for questions.
  7. Focus on the important stuff.
  8. Do the work.  Give the presentation
  9. Save the receipts – track your metrics. 
  10. Do it again!

Inservices can be a great method of reaching out & connecting with your community & potential patients.  They allow patients & family to engage with you before ever coming in for the eval, which can mean better conversion, connection, & ultimately, better patient outcomes.


So now I want to hear from you: what did I miss? What else would you include in this episode about inservices? Message me on Instagram and let me know.

Until next time this is Elise with TheOncoPT.  And remember you are exactly the physical therapist that your patients with cancer need. So let’s get to work.

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