How to Avoid These COMMON Early OncoPT Career Mistakes

Starting your first physical therapy job is so exciting, especially after all the hard you put into your education.

So what happens when the job you were so excited about turns out to be NOT AT ALL what you expected?

Well, I brought my dear friend Dr. Tori Crook, PT to talk about her experience starting, loving, hating, & leaving her dream job in under 1 year.

Tori & I cover a lot, but perhaps the most impactful was the top 5 red flags we should look out for when considering a job:

If you are getting red flags during the interview/hiring process, leave now.  

It’s not going to get better.

Ask why the last person left the position.

No real answer?  Red flag.

Ask how many people have worked in this position before you & how long they stayed.

No answer?  Red flag.  Dodgy answer?  Red flag.

Don’t sign a non-compete agreement.

Instead, Tori recommends agreeing to sign a non-solicitation agreement.  Please also don’t hesitate to have a lawyer look over your employment contract for your best interests.  

New grad pay rate – with no room for negotiation.

As Tori so poignantly said: “Why am I being paid a new grad salary to treat an experienced therapist’s patient load?”

I’m hearing no lies.

Until next time, this is Elise with TheOncoPT. And remember you are exactly the physical therapist that your patients with cancer need. So let’s get to work.

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