From Research to Practice: #TCRCC2023 Speaker Showcase

Two years ago, I attended a conference with a good friend of mine. She was brand-new, fresh OncoPT & really excited for this conference experience. We attended a conference session that the speaker *LITERALLY* began by asking for feedback & ways to improve the section for members.

This friend of mine bravely raised her hand & vulnerably shared some of the challenges she faced as a new grad, working by herself in a cancer clinic, especially when it came to implementing gold-standard complete decongestive therapy (CDT) for patients with lymphedema.

Now you & I both know gold standard CDT is 2-phases & is NOT flexible. I get it – there’s a reason why it’s inflexible & how it works. But we also have to be realistic with patients, especially those facing tremendous barriers complicating access to care.

The response my friend received SHOCKED me – like mouth open, chin on the floor shocked me.

“You’ll just figure it out.”

Talk about a virtual slap in the face. Here was a new grad, excited & passionate about treating this patient population, vulnerably asking for help.

And the best answer mustered was “you’ll just figure it out.”

That experience was the catalyst for The Cancer Rehab Community Conference.

Fast forward nearly 2 years later, The *first-ever* Cancer Rehab Community Conference is almost here!

In fact, we are just a few short DAYS away from The Cancer Rehab Community Conference, & we are exploding with excitement.

The speakers are booked, the sessions are written, & now we’re just counting down the hours until November 11, 2023.

To brag a teensy bit: we’ve really locked down some of the BEST SPEAKERS for our first ever Cancer Rehab Community Conference!  So instead of *me* telling you all about them & the amazing sessions they’ve prepared for you, I’m just going to let them tell you themselves.

Speaker: Dr. Adam Matichak

When I first started practicing 5+ years ago, I remember hearing:
“Immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment”

Well, newsflash: it’s not the future.  Immunotherapy IS here, & it’s been here.

Your patients are actively undergoing immunotherapy as part of their cancer treatment.  So you MUST be ready for these patients & their side effects.

Good thing Dr. Adam Matichak is teaching a masterclass on managing immunotherapy side effects!

Speaker: Dr. Alexandra Hill

Have you ever started working with a patient who had one impairment…

…only to realize that impairment was THE LEAST of your concerns?

Cancer rehab can feel like you’re a detective, investigating various side effects & impairments, to solve the mystery of what’s really going on with your patient.

Unfortunately, we sometimes avoid diving deeper into impairments, such as pelvic floor issues.

Screening for pelvic health concerns can be uncomfortable for both you & your patient, but Dr. Alexandra Hill is giving a phenomenal crash course on how to screen these sensitive symptoms confidently & competently.

Speaker: Dr. Shai Sewell

Cancer rehab is not just adult, outpatient, ortho-based.

Cancer rehab encompasses all ages, all settings, all diagnoses, & all types of impairments.

Unfortunately, most cancer rehab education only focuses on one area.

At The Cancer Rehab Community Conference, we’ve got an incredible line-up of speakers who will prepare you to treat patients:
-no matter their age
-no matter the setting

Ever felt lost or overwhelmed when seeing an oncology patient in acute care? Dr. Shai Sewell has you covered.

Speaker: Dr. Kelly Sturm

It’s tempting to delay treating oncology patients until you reach some arbitrary destination you’ve set. 
🔴”Someday, I’ll memorize chemo side effects”
🔴”Someday, I’ll be board certified”
🔴”Someday, I’ll look into immunotherapy”

I’m here to tell you: someday isn’t a day on the calendar & it sure isn’t coming.  So you might as well dive in TODAY.

In her session, “Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome: Rehab Through The Stages” Dr. Kelly Sturm will guide us through the stages of radiation fibrosis syndrome and reveal strategies to provide impactful rehabilitation. This expertise is invaluable in helping your patients regain their quality of life.

So what are you waiting for?

Save your seat at The Cancer Rehab Community TODAY because registration closes on November 10, 2023. And once registration closes, you cannot buy a ticket. That also means you cannot buy access to the recordings once registration closes.

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