Ep. 90 – Holli Markwald of Prairie Wear

How many of your patients are wearing the wrong bra? How many of us are actually looking?

Because we should be. The wrong bra can literally make our work as OncoPTs harder. The wrong bra can actually work against our skilled help. FOR REAL.

Enter Prairie Wear’s Hugger line of compression bras. These amazing products are changing the world of post-breast cancer surgery recovery as we know it. No lie, I’m trying to get every single patient of mine into one of these – they’re that good (no, they’re not paying me to say this).

Holli Markwald of Prairie Wear stopped by the podcast to discuss what sets Prairie Wear apart in the compression bra game & why the right bra is a MUST for patients post-surgery.

Visit the Prairie World website. You & your patients can use the discount code “DOCTOR15” for 15% off any Prairie Wear product!

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