Ep. 89 – Behind the Scenes of Breast Cancer Surgery with Toni Storm, MD

Ep. 89 – Behind the Scenes of Breast Cancer Surgery with Toni Storm, MD

Breast surgery is pretty ubiquitous when treating patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Seems pretty straightforward, until we dive into all the specifics: what kind of surgery did the patient have, did they have any treatment prior to surgery, how did they heal after surgery, were there any complications during healing, how many lymph nodes were removed, , etc. etc. etc. There’s so much to know!

So I brought in an expert to explain some of the specifics for us, & who better than a breast surgeon? Dr. Toni Storm is today’s podcast guest & is a breast surgeon based out of Vancouver, WA with Compass Oncology & is a co-author of the latest edition of Spear’s Surgery of the Breast. We talk about lymph node surgery, seromas, cording, breast cancer removal procedures, & what we as OncoPTs need to know when working with patients after breast surgery.

Toni’s Bio

Dr. Toni Storm is a breast surgical oncologist with advanced subspecialty expertise in oncoplastic techniques. In addition to the surgical management of breast cancer, she treats complex benign breast disease. She is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care that includes innovative surgical approaches like nipple and skin sparing mastectomies, and incisional techniques similar to those used in cosmetic procedures. Her practice philosophy recognizes that the mind and body are not separate. Preserving a woman’s self-esteem is as important to her as getting rid of the cancer. She works closely with plastic surgeons so that, long-term, her patients can look in the mirror without a constant reminder they had cancer.

When not at work, Dr. Storm enjoys being a mom of two wonderful children.

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