Ep. 73 – An Oasis for Patients: Concierge Cash-Based PT with Lisa Sylvestri, MSPT, CLT-LANA

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The POWER Lymphatic 2020 Conference was amazing for many reasons; most importantly, the people I met were incredible! Lisa Sylvestri, MSPT, CLT-LANA is exactly one of those people. She is the owner of Oasis Physical Therapy & Wellness, a concierge, cash-based oncology & lymphedema private practice. In our interview, we dive into how she started her own practice, challenges & successes she’s experienced along the way, & how she is serving patients as a whole person.

3:28 Lisa’s motivation & process of starting Oasis PT & Wellness

16:08 Not siloing patients – treating the whole person as a PT

25:24 Lisa’s challenges & successes with starting Oasis PT & Wellness

30:44 Lisa’s advice for those interested in opening their own practice

Lisa’s Bio

BS Health Sciences from Boston University 1998

MS Physical Therapy from Boston University 2000

CLT from Academy of Lymphatic Studies 2008

CLT from Dr. Vodder School 2011

Moved to California in 2012 and created and built the lymphedema program at San Ramon Regional Medical Center where I currently remain part time while I build my business

I teach an intro course on swelling and lymphedema for Summit Continuing Education, so more therapists can understand the lymphatic system and why it’s so important to address swelling and an increased lymphatic load, and that it is not just about patients with cancer.

I volunteer quarterly to speak at the ’Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer” support group through the local chapter of the Cancer Support Community.

You can find Lisa Sylvestri at http://www.OasisPTwellness.com or reach out to her at Lisa@oasisPTwellness.com!  

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