Ep. 66 – Gynecological CA & Pelvic Floor PT with Beth Hoag, PT – part 2

We’re back with part 2 of Beth’s interview about gynecological cancer, its treatments, & how the pelvic floor is affected. Plus Beth’s recommendations on products & strategies for your patients!

Beth’s Bio

Beth obtained her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University, Canada in 2005.  Prior to this she obtained a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa, Canada and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She also has an extensive background working in the fitness industry. 

Beth has worked in private practice for her entire career, beginning with a strong foundation in orthopaedics. Since 2008 she has been integrating cancer rehabilitation into her practice, which is her passion. Beth’s interest working in cancer rehabilitation stemmed from growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at a young age. As a physiotherapist, Beth quickly began to appreciate how her unique skill set could help people throughout their cancer experience. 

In a time where cancer rehabilitation was still in its infancy, formal training was limited.  Beth’s ongoing learning in cancer rehabilitation has been through formal oncology courses and conferences, CDT training, ongoing reading and independent research, and clinical experience. It is through these methods that Beth has become an experienced and knowledgeable cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist. In 2015 she began her own home-based physiotherapy practice, focused primarily on cancer rehabilitation. She uses an integrative approach to address the individual needs of each and every patient.

In the last 4 years, Beth has become very interested in pelvic health after cancer.  After pursuing her pelvic health training over 3 years ago, she now combines her extensive oncology experience with her patients’ unique pelvic health needs.  Whether it be addressing symptoms associated with the onset of menopause (caused by cancer treatment) or the more complex needs related to pelvic radiation and surgery, Beth is passionate about helping her patients.

Beth has become a strong advocate for cancer rehabilitation, including pelvic physiotherapy. She has recently been interviewed by a local newspaper and has been providing educational talks in her region to help raise awareness that cancer rehabilitation can help.

0:38 – Jumping right back in with radiation & side effects

4:11 Intraperitoneal chemotherapy (IP chemo)

6:44 How can PT help these patients?

Recommendations from Beth

Lube: should be paraben-free.

Based on 2012 WHO recommendations: pH 3.5 – 4.5 Osmolality <1200 mOsm/kg.

Lubricants:- found this one which is great for your personal knowledge:  https://www.womensvoices.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/lubricants_factsheet_final.pdf

Good summary of different types of lubes and their pH/Osmolality: https://www.womensvoices.org/osmolality-ph-properties-commercial-lubricants/

Beth recommends: Yes OB or Yes WB, Good Clean Love, Slippery Stuff

U.S. Pelvic Floor PT Locator

For Part 1 of my interview with Beth, listen here.

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