Ep. 55 – TheOncoPT is 1!

TheOncoPT Podcast is officially one year old! I am so grateful to each & every one of y’all for being a part of TheOncoPT community at some point – you are the real driving force behind all this, & I am blessed to have you as a listener.

When I started this podcast 1 year ago, I thought I knew a lot of about cancer & I wanted to share my knowledge. Fast forward 1 year, I know way more now & I know now that I really just scratched the surface with the launch of this podcast. To wrap up 1 year of this podcast & to help ring in the New Year, I’m recapping some things I’ve learned over the past year of my practice.

Community oncology exercise programs

These are a must for patients as they transition out of skilled PT services. We are not referring enough patients who need these services. Even for patients who are compliant with their HEP, these programs can even serve as stepping stones to long-term physical activity participation & wellness.

Follow-up appointments

Even for patients who are doing well with their HEP & could be successfully discharged, follow-up appointments can be great accountability systems to ensure patients are effectively managing their chronic condition: think lymphedema, for example.

Soooo many things to learn

I thought I knew a lot when I started this podcast 1 year ago; I have since learned otherwise 😀

Even with cording, I very recently learned that what I knew may already be outdated – that’s how fast the literature can change! Hence, this is why it’s critical to always seek out new knowledge & stay on top of research as we go through the day-in, day-out of patient care & making sure our facilities run.

Small but mighty

There are many of us OncoPTs out there & even more PTs wonder “what do I need to know to treat this patient?”. Our community may not be as big as some of the other sections of APTA, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a wonderful group of colleagues to learn from.

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