Ep. 39 – Camp Watchme – Betty Westbrook, PTA, CLT

Summer camp is almost a rite of passage growing up. For kids who have lymphedema, it can be difficult to participate or feel included in typical summer camp activities…until now! Betty Westbrook, PTA, CLT, created the first (EVER) lymphedema summer camp for kids in the United States & is on today’s episode to discuss what Camp Watchme is, her inspiration behind this amazing experience for kids, & how you can get ready for Camp Watchme 2020!

Betty’s Bio

Betty Westbrook is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in Texarkana, Texas. She works in a hospital based outpatient clinic as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Since becoming a CLT in 2016 Betty has become passionate about educating others on Lymphedema.

In her local community, she has organized a support group open to both patients and their families. Caregivers, friends and family members of those diagnosed with Lymphedema have questions too, and educating them is just as important. On the State and National level Betty is a member of the Texas Team advocating for the Lymphedema Treatment Act in Washington DC annually.  This summer, Betty created & hosted Camp Watchme, which is the first-ever summer camp for children with lymphedema in the United States as well as a caregiver retreat for parents to attend.

In addition to educating others on Lymphedema, Betty loves to attend seminars, symposiums, and training courses to increase her knowledge of Lymphedema. (Tune in for special Podcast episodes covering her most recent courses.) While listening to a podcast Betty was encouraged to create this podcast to better inform and educate others on Lymphedema. 

2:55 Camp Watchme & the inspiration behind Betty’s brainchild

9:46 Lessons learned from the 1st Camp Watchme

14:17 Camp Watchme 2020!

17:58 How YOU can help with Camp Watchme 2020

21:26 The impact of Camp Watchme & what’s up next for Betty

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