Ep. 37 – The #1 best way to get more referrals & more patients

Want more patients?

What’s the one thing you can do today to ensure referring providers keep sending patients your way?  What’s the single best way to market your services to potential patients?

It’s easy – really.  And you don’t even have to put that much work into it.  Sounds too good to be true? Well this time, it’s actually not.  

Patient testimonials are powerful. You need to start using them. Already using them? You need to use them more.

Patient testimonials are how the patient has improved/benefitted from your services.

Why are patient testimonials so important?

  • They are in the patient’s own words.
  • They are not just stats or numbers on info the referring provider already knows.
  • Patient testimonials give more meaningful updates on improvements/gains than our documentation can.

What to do with these patient testimonials:

  • Send them back to referring providers
  • Post them around your clinic
  • Use them on your clinic’s social media/website.

Don’t forget to obtain patient consent to share their testimonial with more than just their referring provider!

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