Ep. 173 – The power of clear communication

Ep. 173: The Power of Clear Communication with special guest Dr. Jimmy McKay, PT.  TheOncoPT Podcast.  Headshot of Dr. Jimmy McKay, PT.  Background image of brown-haired woman with white mug in hands, sitting behind silver microphone.

Dr. Jimmy McKay, PT, joins us to discuss the connection between physical therapy and communication today. To ensure proper patient care, working on your communication skills is crucial. 

Communication is an important factor when it comes to publishing your research papers. By publishing a paper, you have communicated the results of your research to others. However, you are not done yet. You must continue to communicate your findings so that more people can understand the information.

You are responsible for continuing the translation process. You must ensure that the research is understood.

Communication should be an essential skill for every researcher, doctor, and physical therapist. Many researchers think that they can share information in a formal manner, like a lecture, but they neglect the fact that informal conversations can actually provide a better understanding of the research. In fact, Jimmy believes that it is your duty to do so. Researchers and clinicians alike are failing in their responsibilities to educate their profession.

In order to ensure understanding, it is important to continue the conversation by using different social media outlets to continue to communicate information. Although many people worry that these methods of sharing their knowledge are unprofessional, it can actually help them achieve a wider audience than being a speaker at an event such as CSM

“If you can assist one person with what you have in your mind, you have to. As a professional, you are expected to share information.”

Dr. Jimmy McKay, PT

What if you are showing up and doing everything you believe should be done, and nothing is working. Is there an issue with your messaging? Working with a professional is the best way forward. It is true you can do it for free, which can get you to the next level, but you will get better results if you work with professional assistance. A professional you move that needle forward. You can keep your focus on those things that are more important, like working with your patients.

How do I share my message?

There are many ways to share it. You can use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or show up at events like CSM. You have the power to reach more people because we can share from our cell phones.  

A simple marketing strategy plan shared with us by Jimmy was to create a YouTube Video, optimize it with keywords your ideal patients or audience is looking for, then cut that video up into bite sized information and share it on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever ever you are able to connect with your network. Being able to repurpose content can allow you to reach more people and gain that clarity and understanding of your information you are looking for. 

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About Dr. Jimmy McKay. PT

Jimmy is the Director of Communications for Mount Sinai Hospital in the Division of Rehabilitation and Human Performance and the Abilities Research Center (ARC). 

He has a degree in Physical Therapy from Marymount University and a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from St. Bonaventure University.

Jimmy was a rock radio DJ for 15 years, most recently as Program Director & Afternoon Drive host for 97.9X (WBSX-FM).

He has presented at State and National Conferences, was appointed as a trustee for the Foundation for Physical Therapy research, and was the captain of the victorious team in the Oxford Debate at the 2019 NEXT Conference.

Twitter: @PTpintcast

Instagram: @PTPintcast

Email: jimmy@PTPintcast.com

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