Ep. 138 – What to know about oncology residencies if you aren’t pursuing one – Dr. Chris Wilson, PT

Last week, we heard from Dr. Andrew Chongaway, PT, Board Certified Oncologic Clinical Specialist about his experience completing an oncology residency. And it was awesome!

In this week’s episode, I interviewed Dr. Chris Wilson, PT, Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist, who is the director of the Beaumont oncology residency program director. So we get the other side of the residency discussion, which was fantastic.

We pulled the curtain back on residency programs, how they affect our profession, & (my favorite part) what PTs who aren’t going to do a residency should know about them (that would be me!).

Listen in now!

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Chris’s Bio:

Chris Wilson  is an assistant professor at Oakland University and is the founding Residency Program Director for the Beaumont Health Oncology Residency. His clinical focus is Geriatric Oncology and Acute Care Palliative Care. He is active in clinical research in the areas of Oncology, Hospice/Palliative Care, and Geriatrics. Dr. Wilson received his Doctor of Science from Oakland University.  He received his transitional DPT from University of St. Augustine with a Primary Care Certification and his Masters in PT from Oakland University.   In 2008, Chris obtained his ABPTS Geriatric Clinical Specialist Certification (GCS). Chris has been awarded the Signe Brunnström Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching from the APTA in 2015 and the Mabel Holton Award for Scholarly Publication from the APTA Michigan Institute for Education and Research in 2020.

He has been a Delegate for the APTA House of Delegates for 18 years.  Chris is currently serving as the Vice President of the Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy. He is the co author of the book entitled Physical Activity and Rehabilitation in Life Threatening Illness published by Routledge and is an editor of the forthcoming book entitled Oncology Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Clinicians to be released in early 2022 by Elsevier. 

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