Ep. 136 – How to have a happy PT career – Jette Stubbs

Podcast episode graphic: Ep. 136 How to have a happy career as a PT with Jette Stubbs

Burnout has been plaguing health care at increasingly alarming rates over the past few years. But is it inevitable?

Today’s podcast guest has a resounding answer you need to hear.

Jette Stubbs is a career & business coach who is empowering people to create fulfilling careers through her Happy Career Formula. In our interview, Jette is doling out some hard truths we need to hear – for our sake & for our patients. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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About Jette

Hey, I’m Jette Stubbs.

Career & Business Coach, Creator of The Happy Career Formula. 

When I graduated from university as an international student during a recession, I had 90 days to find a job or leave the country with 0 connections and no family in the country.

I realized I had a ton of skills, but no idea how to market myself! I had to learn quickly. And I had a lot of self-doubt. I ended up going from 0% response rate to 100+ applications to a 70% response rate to 10 applications.

As a Career Coach, I have worked with career development across 40+ industries from aerospace engineering, business, healthcare, music, visual arts, zoology and so much more! I’ve worked with new graduates, graduate school applicants, seasoned professionals, and corporate executives.

Eventually, I wanted to leave the 9-to-5….

I started my own business when life was throwing me curveballs, so I needed to create more flexibility. I talk about the obstacles I faced on my career and business journey in the podcast. 

Now, every chance I get infront of an aspiring and new  entrepreneur, I help them avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes we all make in the beginning:

  • Information overload. There were a lot of specialists teaching one thing (like building a website, or social media), so I felt I was given pieces of the puzzle.
  • I ended up chasing shiny objects (exhausting myself creating content or building a website) that didn’t result in growth or paying clients. So many steps on YouTube, but how do they fit together and where to start?
  • I wanted to be my own boss but I had to learn how to be a good boss for myself so I actually achieved consistent results. 

As a Business Coach, I help aspiring and new entrepreneurs break away from the 9-to-5 to start and grow a business, even if you don’t know where to start. I’ve helped clients to:

  • Start YouTube channels, that grow at 5,000+ subscribers per month
  • Organic growth hacking to achieve 500,000 monthly social media impressions in under a year
  • have new clients reach out each week to book and pay, without the pushy bro-marketing tactics that scared them away from online marketing
  • sell out their first mini-product launch in 24 hours
  • and start their own online businesses to leave the 9-to-5 in less than 12 months, even during the pandemic. 

From finding what you love to do to feeling confident selling yourself without self-doubt, I’m here to help and support you! Whether you want a job, freelance service or business is up to you after I give you the tools. 

The Happy Career Formula is the process I used to go from 0 to 70% response rate to jobs and eventually, I improved and expanded it to help entrepreneurs.

Every time I design a course, I’m designing with what I wish I had or knew when I was on my career journey. And I test it and share it with clients one-on-one to make sure it’s helpful before I put it in a course for you. 

Making money cannot stop when life goes wrong. 

You need tools and resources to design
your career or business to align with your goals and situation. 

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