Ep. 134 – How to find resources for your next inservice

I’m back from Camp Watchme 2021! Y’all, it was amazing. Words can’t describe this experience, but all I know is this: more kids need to attend next year…& the next, because every child with lymphedema needs this experience.

For the next couple weeks, I’m fundraising for Brylan’s Feat Foundation so that more campers can attend next year’s camp. If you are able, any small contribution makes a big difference in these kids’ lives! To donate, click here – thank you!!!!!

Inservices are a fantastic way to reach out to your community & make more connections with patients & practitioners alike. But how do you actually find useful resources & references for your inservice?

Google is my favorite search tool ever but can be quite limited when it comes to oncology rehab, at least here in 2021.

APTA Oncology

  • For Consumers – APTA Oncology has some fact sheets for the public that educate on a variety of conditions, including lymphedema, head & neck cancer, pelvic muscle health, & more. These can be great starting points for inspiration & even finding more resources for your inservice. If you use these, make sure you cite them appropriately.
  • Members Only – for members of APTA Oncology, there are so many more resources for your use. Some of my favorites are under the “Resources Available for Download”: these include Fact Sheets for Professionals on several notable diagnoses & impairments, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Clinician Content videos, & so much more. With your membership, you also get access to Rehabilitation Oncology, which is probably one of the most valuable resources I use for making my inservices.
  • Student & New Professional Subcommittee – this section of APTA Oncology has fabulous downloadables & article links for your ease. Some of my favorites include the Dx Downloads, the OncRehab Blog, & the must-read articles they’ve highlighted for the newer or emerging PT.
  • https://www.loom.com/share/8ca23b0b2fa040b28cca764d1e436801

Specialization Resource Guides

Whether you’re planning to specialize in oncology or not, the Resource Guide for Specialization & the EDGE Annotated Bibliography are literally overflowing with additional resources. Seriously, the Resource Guide alone is over 20 pages, chock-full of articles, textbooks, & more all pertaining to oncology rehab.


After 134 episodes, you’re bound to find something that helps you! And if not, tell us what you want to learn about!

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