Ep. 128 – One thing you’re probably missing with patients (& 3 questions to catch it every time!)

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ROM? Check. MMT? Check. Lymphedema measurements? Check.

I thought I had all my ducks in a row for assessing my patients, but I was neglecting a key component that affects LITERALLY all of these things & so much more. It was actually keeping my patients from improving significantly in many cases.

Any guesses yet?

SLEEP. I wrote everybody off as already having cancer-related fatigue, so I rarely asked questions about their sleep. What I was missing shocked me: patients unable to sleep through the night, sleeping on couches, & even sleeping on the floor. WHAT WAS I DOING???

It shocked me to my core, so now I ask about sleep with every patient. And I don’t want you to miss any sleep issues with your patients anymore.

My go-to questions for assessing sleep:

1. How is your sleep?

2. What is your sleep environment like?

3. What are your sleep habits/routine?

Are you asking enough about your patients’ sleep?

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