Behind the Scenes: Planning the Ultimate Cancer Rehab Event

It’s official!  We are ONE MONTH away from The First-Ever Cancer Rehab Community Conference!

We’ve been busy planning this event for months, & now I’m finally taking you behind the scenes on why The Cancer Rehab Community Conference is going to be the best conference experience you’ve ever had.

The Cancer Rehab Community Conference: Needed Now More Than Ever

Cancer rehab is in crisis.  We have a rapidly booming oncology patient population & not enough competent clinicians to treat these patientsIt’s not that there aren’t any clinicians interested in treating these patients.  In fact, most cancer rehab sessions at conferences I’ve attended are pretty packed. The problem is that these conferences cover best-case scenarios using unlimited time & resources to treat textbook patients.  And this doesn’t look anything like the real world of cancer rehab.

This results in cancer survivors falling through the cracks every day.  You need a learning experience that takes the research & actually shows you how to apply it with your patients.   Hence The Cancer Rehab Community Conference – here’s how it’s different from every other rehab conference you’ve ever attended:

Real, clinician-test action tips from every session

Rather than the typical “here’s how it works in research, hope this helps,” you’ll receive strategic, actionable tips at the end of each session.  Each of our amazing speakers is a practicing clinician, who has walked the walk & talked the talk.  They know how challenging real-world practice can be, which is why we’re focusing so intently giving real action steps.

Think of these tips as your road map to start implementing Monday morning after the conference!

Won’t leave you high & dry after the conference ends

That high you get from attending a conference with rehab colleagues is one of my favorites.  But the sinking feeling on the ride home, knowing that you have to face the real world & its challenges alone is THE WORST.  So we’re softening the post-conference whiplash by not leaving you out in the cold by yourself.  With your ticket to The Cancer Rehab Community Conference, you’ll get instantaccess to our online community of supportive, encouraging rehab professionals called The Cancer Rehab Community.   In The Cancer Rehab Community, you’ll get access to other cancer rehab professionals’ expertise, resource sharing, support from your colleagues, networking opportunities, & more – all at your fingertips.  We know that if we’re going to truly change cancer rehab for the better, we can’t do it alone.  We need a united community to make this happen, which is why we believe so fervently in the power of ongoing community.  

Long, boring sessions NOT allowed

One of the worst parts of conferences is the endless droning of a boring speaker.  Even worse?  Endless droning for TWO HOURS.

That’s why at The Cancer Rehab Community Conference, sessions are short & power-packed.  No more boring two hour sessions.  Plus, you’ll get those action steps at the end of each session from our dynamic speakers.

Expensive hotels & travel time not required

The Cancer Rehab Community Conference is taking place virtually on Saturday, November 11, 2023. That means you can log in to the conference from your couch, with your dog snuggling at your side.  Talk about a win-win. But that doesn’t mean this conference is a passive experience you can tune out.  We’ll be hosting live Q&A sessions (which questions from you), giveaways, & more.  So don’t snooze on the networking, collaboration, & excitement!

Save Your Seat at The Cancer Rehab Community Conference 2023!

Ticket prices go up on October 8, so make sure to save your seat before then to enjoy the discounts.  We have special student pricing, so make sure to share this opportunity with any PT or PTA students in your life.  

Go to to save your seat today!

The Amazing Speakers at TCRCC 2023

I would be remiss if I didn’t spend more time talking about the AMAZING speakers of The Cancer Rehab Community Conference.  These amazing clinicians are internationally recognized as the leading voices within cancer rehabilitation & beyond, so you’re getting the cream of the crop.

Just a few of the amazing speakers:

  • Dr. Alexandra Hill – How to Screen for Pelvic Health Concerns Among Cancer Survivors
  • Dr. Andrew Chongaway – It’s Not About the HEP
  • Dr. Shai Sewell – Efficiency Among Chaos: Medical Oncology in the Acute Care Setting
  • Dr. Rebekah Griffith – Planning on Avoiding Burnout
  • Lauren Brown – Capitalizing on Soft Skills to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes

Frequently Asked Questions about The Cancer Rehab Community Conference

When is The Cancer Rehab Community Conference 2023?

The Cancer Rehab Community Conference will take place virtually on Saturday,  November 11, 2023.

How do I attend The Cancer Rehab Community Conference?

The Cancer Rehab Community Conference will take place entirely online, saving you travel time & expenses!

Will there be CEUs available?

We are seeking PT CEU approval – stay tuned as we post updates!  

Note: student tickets are not eligible for CEUs.

What if I can’t make that day?!

Yes, but you must purchase a ticket before registration closes on November 10, 2023 to get access to the recording.

I’m a physical therapist outside the U.S.  Can I still attend?

OF COURSE!  This is a conference for all rehab professionals who want to learn how to better treat their oncology patients.

I’m not a physical therapist.  Can I still attend?

OF COURSE!  This is a conference for all rehab professionals who want to learn how to better treat their oncology patients.

I’m still in school.  Can I still attend?

OF COURSE!  Even if you’re not yet practicing, this conference is the perfect opportunity to learn more about treating oncology patients.  Grab your student ticket here.

Who is TCRCC for?

Rehab professionals who want to learn how to more confidently & competently treat your oncology patients; who don’t have the time to commit to a 3 day CEU course or conference.

Don’t miss out on The Cancer Rehab Community Conference 2023!

Cancer rehab is long overdue for a conference for us, by us.  And it’s finally happening on November 11, 2023.  Go to to save your seat today, & I can’t wait to see you there.

Until next time, this is Elise with TheOncoPT. And remember: you are exactly the physical therapist that your patients with cancer need. So let’s get to work.

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