A Look Back at #TCRCC2023 (we invented a conference y’all!)

On November 11, 2023, I hosted the first EVER Cancer Rehab Community Conference.  It’s still sinking in that I put together a whole conference with 11 mind-blowing speakers for over 100 registrants!

After taking a few days to recover & process what happened at #TCRCC2023, it’s time to recap the experience, share our biggest takeaways, & how this movement is already impacting cancer rehab as a whole.

#TCRCC2023 Speaker Spotlight

The conference speakers worked for months to curate truly unforgettable sessions. They showed up & overdelivered on their wisdom, experiences, and insights, making this conference truly exceptional. 

Thank you to each of our amazing speakers!  Give them a follow or connect with them:

Is a virtual conference worth it?

Virtual conferences can be tricky, but The Cancer Rehab Community Conference was an overwhelming success.

First of all, the virtual format made the conference accessible for so many OncoPTs – we had attendees all over the United States, from Canada, Brazil, Australia, & beyond.

Technology is a tremendous equalizer.  Let me explain: at CSM a few years ago, I wanted to introduce myself to Nicole Stout.  Despite having her on the podcast MULTIPLE TIMES, I was still so nervous to interact with her in person.  

But, with the virtual format of The Cancer Rehab Community Conference, it was so easy for attendees to connect with speakers & fellow attendees.  The chat function meant that attendees didn’t have to face their fear of public speaking just to ask the speaker a question.

Additionally, the virtual format made it extremely easy to record all the sessions, so that even if you couldn’t attend live the whole day, you could still relive the incredible experience.

I’m not ruling out an in-person Cancer Rehab Community Conference someday, but this virtual format combined the best parts of a conference with affordability & accessibility.

Revisiting The Cancer Rehab Community Conference 2023

If you missed any sessions or want to revisit the content, the conference recordings are now available in The Cancer Rehab Community under “Conference Recordings.”  These recordings will only be available until next year’s conference, so make sure to watch them asap.

Remember: recordings are only available for conference registrants.  If you did not purchase a ticket for this year’s conference, I highly encourage you to join the waitlist, so you’re the FIRST to know when tickets go on sale for The Cancer Rehab Community Conference 2024!

Round of applause for our sponsors!

In addition to our amazing speakers, The Cancer Rehab Community Conference would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. They’ve played a crucial role in making this event a reality.

Thank you to our platinum sponsor, Prairie Wear!

And, thank you to our silver sponsor, AnaOno!

So, please, join us in thanking our sponsors for their commitment to our cause and for their valuable contributions to this conference.

Missed the conference?

You can still join our free online community, The Cancer Rehab Community.

Also, make sure to get on the waitlist for The Cancer Rehab Community Conference 2024!  As we come to the close of The Cancer Rehab Community Conference, it’s important to remember that our journey together doesn’t have to end here. The discussions, connections, and knowledge-sharing that have taken place during this conference can continue in our online community space, aptly named “The Cancer Rehab Community.”

The Cancer Rehab Community is more than just an extension of this conference; it’s a dynamic platform designed to foster ongoing collaboration, support, and learning. Here are some of the benefits of continuing to participate in this online space:

  • Networking: You can stay connected with the amazing individuals you’ve met during the conference. This is an opportunity to build lasting relationships with fellow professionals, students, colleagues, & maybe even future besties who share your passion and commitment.
  • Resource Sharing: Our community space is a hub of resources, including articles, videos, and discussions related to cancer rehabilitation. Access to this knowledge can help you stay informed and continually improve your practice.
  • Safe space to ask questions: You can ask questions, share insights, and engage in meaningful discussions with experts and peers. The collective wisdom of our community is a valuable resource.
  • Support and Encouragement: Whether you’re a cancer rehab pro, new to cancer rehab, or even a student, you’ll find a supportive and empathetic community here. Share your challenges and triumphs, and offer support to others on their journeys.

The Cancer Rehab Community is where you can turn knowledge into action, where your connections can become lifelong friendships, and where you can find a community that shares your passion and dedication to serving cancer survivors.

So, even though the conference is drawing to a close, I encourage each of you to stay engaged and keep the spirit of collaboration alive by participating in The Cancer Rehab Community. This is your platform, your community, and your opportunity to make a difference.

Thank you for being a part of this event, & we SINCERELY HOPE you will join us for NEXT YEAR’S CONFERENCE – that’s right, we’re already planning next year’s conference.  To join the waitlist, click the link in the chat or visit TheOncoPT.com/waitlist.  

SAHER: please insert this link into the chat https://TheOncoPT.com/waitlist 

Thank you for being a part of this event, & we SINCERELY HOPE you will join us for NEXT YEAR’S CONFERENCE – don’t forget to save your spot on the waitlist for 2024.  

But until next year, I’ll close with this: you are exactly the physical therapist, occupational therapist, PTA, COTA, student, future cancer rehab professional that your patients with cancer need.  So let’s get to work.

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