5 Things to Know About Writing Your Case Report

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The case report is part of the initial application process for the oncology specialist certification exam, but boy is it a doozy.

It’s critical to plan for success, so here’s 5 things you MUST know about writing your case report.

It has to be done & submitted by July 1 deadline (for 2022 exam).

Get it done!

Be intentional with your time.

It’s easy to spend a lot of hours doing not a lot of really beneficial work.

You may be asked to do revisions.

This is no big deal. Truly. Most of the people I’ve talked to who sat for the exam in 2021 had to do revisions.

It helps you get in the exam preparation mindset.

The exam is entirely case-based.

It’s a really big accomplishment.

Yea. You did it!

Ready to write your case report or know you’ll need to?

Stop stressing over it. Start actually writing. Get it done:

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