Ep. 94 – Inside a PhD Program: from clinic to academia with Steve Wechsler, PT, DPT

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

As OncoPTs, we should constantly be learning, learning about cancers, new treatments, better ways to care for our patients, & how to continually advance our profession. For some, part of that journey is pursuing higher education, such as a PhD. For Steve Wechsler, he says pursuing his PhD is the best career decision he’s made so far. So what exactly goes into earning your PhD, & why should you consider it?

Dr. Steve Wechsler is a Physical Therapist, currently pursuing a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA. Following his tenure as a Clinical Specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, Dr. Wechsler is developing a research agenda in cancer survivorship, and more specifically, balance impairments following neurotoxic cancer treatments.

Dr. Wechsler currently serves as the Secretary of APTA Oncology as well as the liaison for the newly formed Student & New Professional Subcommittee.

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Ep. 93 – 5 easy to implement tips to kickstart your oncology evals

Starting this past Sunday through tonight, I’m hosting a free workshop series called “Kickstart Your Oncology Evals,” which will help you know what questions to ask, what tests & measures to perform, & what all that info means in an oncology evaluation.  Evals are often the first interactions with our patients, which means we need to make a good impression & build that rapport in order to start helping that patient to the best of our ability now!

So what I’m covering in today’s episode is 5 tips you need to improve your oncology evaluations:

1. Can we actually do anything for patients with cancer?

First of all, YES! You might just have to adjust what you do in your eval to accommodate their good days & not-so-good days.

2. Listen, & I mean really listen!

We have 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. What is your patient telling you, & what is your patient trying to tell you? Patients will tell you so much – sometimes outright, but also sometimes things when you read between the words.

3. Be present.

Put away the documentation for a hot minute. Take the chart audits, other paperwork, assignments, other stuff out of your brain & give that time to your patient.

4. What is the patient’s #1 problem?

Maybe it’s the referral reason, maybe it’s something completely different, but what does your patient feel is their biggest issue?

5. How does the patient’s #1 problem affect their life?

The problem doesn’t really matter until it affects a person’s life or rather, quality of life.


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Ep. 92 – Ask Me Anything – Birthday Edition!

It’s my birthday, so to celebrate, I’m releasing a special Ask Me Anything episode! Y’all had some awesome questions that really made me think, so thank you first of all for sending those in. In this episode, I cover some fun bits about me y’all asked for, as well as some specific oncology rehab stuff – fantastic!

Don’t forget: I’m kicking off my webinar series on Facebook Live this Sunday, September 13 @ 7pm Central, with the first video covering 5 strategies you MUST implement to start your oncology evaluations on the right foot. Set your reminder here!

Thanks for tuning in & have a great rest of your day!

Ep. 91 – Opportunity to Excel – 1 month away!

The Oncology Specialist Certification Exam deadline is less than 1 month away! October 1 is the deadline to sign up to sit for the Oncology Specialist Certification Exam, which is how practitioners become “Board Certified” Clinicians – woohoo!

The exam is a fabulous way to advance your clinical practice & knowledge in order to help patients to the best of your ability. Clinicians have also noted that our oncology colleagues sit up & take note of when you have “Board Certified in Oncology Physical Therapy” after your name – cool stuff!

If you’re interested in sitting for the exam, this episode covers some great information on applying for the exam, application details, deadlines, fees, & other stuff to know!

Find out more on the ABPTS website here.

Listen to my interview with Scott Capozza here.

Listen to my interview with Lauren Miller here.

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Ep. 90 – Holli Markwald of Prairie Wear

How many of your patients are wearing the wrong bra? How many of us are actually looking?

Because we should be. The wrong bra can literally make our work as OncoPTs harder. The wrong bra can actually work against our skilled help. FOR REAL.

Enter Prairie Wear’s Hugger line of compression bras. These amazing products are changing the world of post-breast cancer surgery recovery as we know it. No lie, I’m trying to get every single patient of mine into one of these – they’re that good (no, they’re not paying me to say this).

Holli Markwald of Prairie Wear stopped by the podcast to discuss what sets Prairie Wear apart in the compression bra game & why the right bra is a MUST for patients post-surgery.

Visit the Prairie World website. You & your patients can use the discount code “DOCTOR15” for 15% off any Prairie Wear product!