Ep. 167 – APTA CSM 2022 Recap

APTA CSM 2022 did not let me down. You probably know CSM is like a second Christmas to me. The conference sessions, the section meetings - it's the (second) most wonderful time of my year.­čą│ I got to finally connect with many people that I had been chatting with online for so long - it … Continue reading Ep. 167 – APTA CSM 2022 Recap

Ep. 164 – CSM Preview: Oncology Research – a year in review

The average person doesn't have time to read the 100s of articles coming out each year about cancer rehab. So how are we supposed to keep up with the latest info? Lauren Miller, Cynthia Barbie and Steve Morris, join TheOncoPT podcast today to provide a rundown of what happened last year in cancer rehab oncology research. We discussed both the exciting and disappointing findings with our guests. But more importantly, what those results mean for us and the future of cancer rehab and our patients.