How to Bring End-of-Life Care into Everyday Cancer Rehab

Rehabilitation is often overlooked for cancer patients, especially those with advanced diagnoses, resulting in increased pain, disability, and stress. Palliative and hospice care both aim to improve quality of life but are distinct in their approach. For effective cancer rehab, active collaboration between multidisciplinary professionals is imperative. Despite challenges, rehab can be integrated into end-of-life care, helping patients with terminal diagnoses to maintain function, relieve distressing symptoms, and cope with their condition.

From Research to Practice: #TCRCC2023 Speaker Showcase

Two years ago, I attended a conference with a brand-new OncoPT, who was really excited for one session in particular. This session began with a speaker *LITERALLY* asking for feedback & ways to improve the section for members.
But when my friend bravely raised her hand & vulnerably shared a challenge she was facing & asked for help, she was met with this response:
“You’ll just figure it out.”

Expanding Access to Quality Care: The Impact of Nonprofits in Oncology

It’s no secret that cancer is EXPENSIVE, which can make accessing care extremely challenging for some patients.  While various solutions are available today, one of my favorite organizations meeting these needs & expanding access to quality care is Moving Beyond Cancer Collective. Mari Galle, an oncology acupuncturist based in Austin, Texas, shared her journey and …

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DIEP Flap is one of the most popular reconstruction approaches for patients after breast cancer surgery.  However, access to DIEP Flap reconstruction is actively being threatened for our patients. CMS is working to phase out individual flap reconstruction procedure codes.  This means that surgeons will only be compensated at the TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous) …

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