Ep. 93 – 5 easy to implement tips to kickstart your oncology evals

Starting this past Sunday through tonight, I’m hosting a free workshop series called “Kickstart Your Oncology Evals,” which will help you know what questions to ask, what tests & measures to perform, & what all that info means in an oncology evaluation.  Evals are often the first interactions with our patients, which means we needContinue reading “Ep. 93 – 5 easy to implement tips to kickstart your oncology evals”

Ep. 92 – Ask Me Anything – Birthday Edition!

It’s my birthday, so to celebrate, I’m releasing a special Ask Me Anything episode! Y’all had some awesome questions that really made me think, so thank you first of all for sending those in. In this episode, I cover some fun bits about me y’all asked for, as well as some specific oncology rehab stuffContinue reading “Ep. 92 – Ask Me Anything – Birthday Edition!”

Ep. 91 – Opportunity to Excel – 1 month away!

The Oncology Specialist Certification Exam deadline is less than 1 month away! October 1 is the deadline to sign up to sit for the Oncology Specialist Certification Exam, which is how practitioners become “Board Certified” Clinicians – woohoo! The exam is a fabulous way to advance your clinical practice & knowledge in order to helpContinue reading “Ep. 91 – Opportunity to Excel – 1 month away!”

Ep. 90 – Holli Markwald of Prairie Wear

How many of your patients are wearing the wrong bra? How many of us are actually looking? Because we should be. The wrong bra can literally make our work as OncoPTs harder. The wrong bra can actually work against our skilled help. FOR REAL. Enter Prairie Wear’s Hugger line of compression bras. These amazing productsContinue reading “Ep. 90 – Holli Markwald of Prairie Wear”

Ep. 89 – Behind the Scenes of Breast Cancer Surgery with Toni Storm, MD

OncoPTs frequently encounter breast cancer surgery, which seems straightforward enough, until we start to dive into specifics: surgery type, lymph nodes, complications, healing, etc. So what do we need to know? Toni Storm, MD is here to discuss!