If the last couple years have taught us anything, the old model of physical therapy isn’t working.

Begging physicians for referrals, fighting insurance companies to cover our services, only for patients to slip through the cracks isn’t helping anybody.

It’s hurting our profession and our patients.

We need a different approach if we’re actually going to help our patients.


PTBizCon is a live & interactive physical therapy business growth event on March 18-19, 2022.

No matter where you’re at in your practice, PT Biz Con will give you the road map to physical therapy practice growth.

The world has changed, & we need to adapt if we’re going to help our patients.

"PT Biz Con helped me start my own practice AND grow TheOncoPT in the process"

What Aaron teaches has improved my ability to serve patients everywhere I’ve worked – both as an employee & now clinic director.  

If we’re going to bring cancer rehab into the 21st century & beyond, we need a roadmap.  

PT Biz Con gives you the roadmap, a co-pilot, & so much more.

Please note: We are proud affiliates for PT BizCon 2022, meaning that we may earn a commission if you click the link & subsequently make a purchase. All of these recommendations are based on our clinical experience & what we use in our practice – because we believe that they are the best out there. We recommend these resources because they are helpful & useful for OncoPTs & patients. 

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