Tools for you & your practice

Here you’ll find some of our favorite tools for both the clinical & business side of oncology physical therapy.  We’ve tested ALL of these & found them to be our favorites!

Please note: We are proud affiliates for some of these resources, meaning that we earn a commission if you click the link & subsequently make a purchase. All of these recommendations are based on our clinical experience & what we use in our practice – because we believe that they are the best out there. We recommend these resources because they are helpful & useful for OncoPTs & patients.

Practice Tools

We believe in using the tools our patients love & make our lives easier!

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“Regular” bras are not built for breasts after cancer surgery.  They irritate irradiated/scar tissue & don’t provide needed support.

AnaOno bras & intimates are created for cancer survivors, by cancer survivors.  I recommend these to ALL my patients!

Prairie Wear

These compression bras are the best out there – durable, machine washable, & deliver compression in all the right places.

These have even replaced the sports bras in my closet!

These super realistic nipple & areola tattoos are perfect patients who want to trial different colors & sizes before pursuing more permanent options after breast surgery.

This gentle emollient cream is hypoallergenic & delivers needed hydration to skin, especially skin healing from surgery & radiation.  

Plus, my hands & tools glide really easily!

A patient initially turned me onto these scar healing silicone sheets.  

They help scars heal smoother & softer, improving their long-term strength & appearance!

This is the best kept secret for scar mobilization.  

Bonus: patients can easily use it as part of their at-home scar mobilization!

I use Kinesiotape for just about everything: scar tissue mobilization, neuromuscular cuing, & lymphatic drainage, you name it.  

This brand seems to stick the best for most of my patients.

Business Tools

Looking for better ways to run your business?  Check these out – we use them in our own clinic!

Social media could literally go away tomorrow.  All those followers?  Gone.

But with an email list, you’ll always have a direct line of contact with your patients.  

Personalize your email marketing with easy to use, beautiful templates that keep you top of mind with your patients. 

Hands-down, the easiest way to create beautiful graphics.

From social media posts, to handouts, to business cards, & more.

Canva will soon become your best friend when it comes to promoting your business!


While Pixistock is a stock photography subscription, it is truly so much more.  

Diverse stock photography, social media templates (both post & captions!), & so much more.

If Canva is my how to post, Pixistock is my what to post!

Jane App is a easy-to-use, straightforward practice documentation system.  Tons of colleagues recommended it to me, & now I’m telling everyone I know about it.

This is my favorite documentation system yet.

Plus Jane App has a host of tools that helped me get my private practice up & running in no time!

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