Ep. 97 – Remembering our patients, honoring our grief

Oncology physical therapy is simply the coolest – we get to help patients after arguably the worst diagnosis imaginable. We see patients throughout the cancer care continuum, even until the end of their lives. It’s a beautiful, sad, frustrating, wonderful opportunity to share this sacred space with these patients. But, we often have to jump right back into the whirlwind without really getting to grieve or process the loss of life because the next patient needs us too.

Our big hearts draw us to oncology patient care – this isn’t a field where you can be only half-passionate about your work. It’s because of that big heart that burnout is so very real. We don’t always get the opportunity to honor our patients’ memories the way we want, so we’re going to try something:

Lisa, a listener of the podcast, approached me with an idea & is graciously allowing me to run with it. TheOncoPT is hosting a virtual Patient Remembrance Day on Thursday, October 29 at 7pm CT. I would love for you to join us. We want this to be an opportunity to share & release our grief, & honor our patients & ourselves.

Want to be involved in Patient Remembrance Day?

You name it: share a patient story, prayer, encouragement for each other, the struggles you’re facing – we want to hear it & support each other in this special day. Email me at TheOncoPT@gmail.com!

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