Ep. 93 – 5 easy to implement tips to kickstart your oncology evals

Starting this past Sunday through tonight, I’m hosting a free workshop series called “Kickstart Your Oncology Evals,” which will help you know what questions to ask, what tests & measures to perform, & what all that info means in an oncology evaluation.  Evals are often the first interactions with our patients, which means we need to make a good impression & build that rapport in order to start helping that patient to the best of our ability now!

So what I’m covering in today’s episode is 5 tips you need to improve your oncology evaluations:

1. Can we actually do anything for patients with cancer?

First of all, YES! You might just have to adjust what you do in your eval to accommodate their good days & not-so-good days.

2. Listen, & I mean really listen!

We have 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. What is your patient telling you, & what is your patient trying to tell you? Patients will tell you so much – sometimes outright, but also sometimes things when you read between the words.

3. Be present.

Put away the documentation for a hot minute. Take the chart audits, other paperwork, assignments, other stuff out of your brain & give that time to your patient.

4. What is the patient’s #1 problem?

Maybe it’s the referral reason, maybe it’s something completely different, but what does your patient feel is their biggest issue?

5. How does the patient’s #1 problem affect their life?

The problem doesn’t really matter until it affects a person’s life or rather, quality of life.


Go watch the workshop Day 4 video tonight at 7pm CDT!  There’s a special surprise waiting for you only for a limited time!

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