Ep. 84 – Start Change in Your Community TODAY – Lisa VanHoose, PhD, MPH, PT

Do you ever feel small, like there’s no way you could possibly make a dent to clean up the mess we’ve made? Lisa VanHoose, PhD, MPH, PT is on the podcast today to talk about how racial & socioeconomic disparities affect the oncology patient population & how WE (yes, YOU & ME) can be a part of the grassroots change that will literally make our world a better place for our patients.

We learn in school that race & socioeconomic status are social determinants of health, but what does that actually mean for our patient care? In short, a whole lot; in fact, it can mean everything for some of our patients.

Lisa broke down some really important ways that our oncology patient population is disproportionately affected by these disparities & how our treatment is unlikely to truly help these patients, unless we treat the whole patient. And the whole patient includes everything about them, including their race & socioeconomic background, from birth until now.

Enough of me trying to summarize what Lisa already said. Listen to the interview & prepare to have your socks blown off!

Resources mentioned by Dr. VanHoose

Ramsey 2013 article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4240626/

Community Impact Reports for your local area

WalkScore: https://www.walkscore.com/

Accountable Health Communities Screening Tool: https://innovation.cms.gov/files/worksheets/ahcm-screeningtool.pdf

PRAPARE tool: http://www.nachc.org/research-and-data/prapare/

The Everyone Project: https://www.aafp.org/patient-care/social-determinants-of-health/everyone-project.html

United Way: https://www.unitedway.org/

Women’s Auxiliary Groups of your local hospital

Dr. VanHoose’s biography

Lisa VanHoose, PT, PhD, MPH is an Associate Professor and Program Director in the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Louisiana Monroe. Dr. VanHoose received her PhD in Rehabilitation Science and MPH from the University of Kansas Medical Center. She completed fellowships at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging and the National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute PRIDE Summer Institute with an emphasis in Cardiovascular Genetic Epidemiology. Her Bachelor of Science in Health Science and Master of Science in Physical Therapy were completed at the University of Central Arkansas. Dr. VanHoose has practiced oncologic physical therapy since 1996. She is a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Oncologic Physical Therapy. As a NIH, PCORI, and industry funded researcher, Dr. VanHoose investigates socioecological models of cancer related side effects with an emphasis on minority and rural cancer survivorship. Investigations of distress in cancer survivors revealed that African American women were concerned about provider bias and other racial issues during their care. She expanded that work to explore physical and psychosocial factors responsible for health disparities in diverse groups of cancer survivors. Her team published a systematic review explaining the impact of perceived racism on health outcomes for a variety of medical conditions and diseases affecting African American women. Other work includes qualitative investigations into community identified risk factors of cardiovascular disease in African American men. She serves on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion staff workgroup for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). She was recently recommended by the APTA as a nominee to serve on the Advisory Committee on Minority Health under the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health. She is a past President of the Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy. She currently serves on the Special Populations: Nursing Home subcommittee for Gov. John Bel Edwards Louisiana COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force.  She has been an advocate for movement of all persons, including the elimination of social policies and practices that are barriers to movement friendly environments.

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