Ep. 57 – The Essentials of an OncoPT Clinic

It’s a fact a clinic needs certain things to run. Sometimes we can get caught up in the flash of new equipment & feel like we need all kinds of things to make our clinic go. However, we really don’t need all that stuff to have a successful OncoPT clinic that serves our patients effectively.

Today’s episode isn’t a “How to Start Your Own Oncology Clinic 101,” but rather a “here’s all you really need to be effective” from an equipment standpoint. Other stuff is nice (hello BodyBlade I’ve been eyeing for months), but not essential to the success of your treatment at its core. If you or your clinic are newer to oncology & don’t know if you have what it takes to be effective, this episode is just for you!

The Essentials

Treatment table – A treatment table is essential for an oncology clinic. Firstly, for manual therapy treatments, many can be performed laying down or sitting on this table. Of course, various exercises can also be performed sitting down, laying down, or even leaning against a treatment table. So much can be done with a good treatment table!

Chair – I think a chair is more comfortable especially during initial evaluations – less medical examination, if you will. Not mention armrests on a chair are invaluable when practicing skills to carry over into the home & community.

You – At the heart of your clinic is you. You are the most important part of your clinic is you. Your brain, your hands, your body, your heart are what assess, evaluate, & treat what each patient needs & how you can best achieve their goals. Without you, nothing else works!

Nice, but not essential

Emollient creams



Dumbbells &/or resistance bands


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