Ep. 49 – 3 Tips to Improve Your Oncology Evals (plus my formula for success!)

For both “OncoPTs” & physical therapists who just happen to get a patient on their schedule who had/has cancer, the most common question I get is “What am I supposed to do in an evaluation?”. With so many side effects from both the cancer & the treatments for the cancer, it’s easy to feel intimidated when one of these evaluations shows up on your schedule, especially if you’re still learning the ins & outs of oncology. With the evaluation as your first interaction with this patient, it’s important to make a good impression. So what do you do?

Never fear! I cover my top 3 tips to improve your oncology evaluations in today’s episode, PLUS I am releasing my brand new, free download “10 Things to Know about Oncology Evaluations“! Grab your copy today!

Grab your free “10 Things to Know about Oncology Evaluations” download here!

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