Ep. 46 – Body Image, Self-Confidence, Intimacy, & Breast Cancer – Part 2 with Mara DeFilippis

While PTs know & treat the physical side effects of breast cancer & its treatments, we can tend to shy away from some of the emotional & mental side effects left behind. What we may not realize is that these inner & outer scars significantly affect our patients’ quality of life, function, & yes even their progress toward PT treatment goals. Mara DeFilippis is back for part 2 of our recent interview to discuss more on how she is navigating dating & relationships 10 years later, how to bring up these sensitive subjects with patients, & her advice for OncoPTs working with these patients.

0:42 Dating, relationships, intimacy now 10 years later for Mara

7:26 Mara’s advice on bringing up these sensitive subjects with our patients

14:51 What should OncoPTs know about patients experiencing this journey

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Listen to part 1 of our interview here.

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